Headed by the Center for Cyber and Information Security (CCIS), Ars Forensica is a global research effort between the academia, the IT security industry and law enforcement focused on improving the investigation and prosecution of cybercrime. Among the partners are mnemonic, the United Nations, Europol, Norwegian National Criminal Investigation Services (Kripos), the Norwegian Police University College, and universities throughout the United States, Japan and the Netherlands.

ArsForensica focuses on improving the prevention, preparedness, investigation and prosecution of cybercrime, including financial fraud, economic crime, and money laundering. It is in the forefront of its field and will contribute to scientific innovation as well as generate new knowledge.

The project aims to bridge the gap between contemporary-forensic science methods and emerging challenges posed by the increasing volume, velocity and variety of data in information technology environments. The project will work towards sustainable investigation methods that follow forensic principles, and respect legal and privacy regulations.

Project members

Funding and management

The project is led by Professor Katrin Franke.

The project has received joint-funding over 4 years from The Research Council of Norway and the Norwegian Police.