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Research and Development

mnemonic is committed to building technology solutions and services to combat cybercrime. Since 2003, we have cooperated with academia, government and industry to drive cybersecurity innovation and adapt to the evolving threat landscape. With more than 10% of our total man-hours invested into R&D, we are devoted to progressing cybersecurity and protecting the digital world.

Semi-Automated Cyber Threat Intelligence

The industry is losing terrain against the cybercriminals and we need a game changer. The main goal for the ACT project is to develop a platform for digital threat intelligence to predict and uncover targeted cyberattacks, electronic espionage and sabotage.

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Threat Ontologies for Cybersecurity Analytics (TOCSA)

In the overwhelming majority of identified security incidents, there is no understanding of who the threat actor is, why they attack or how they operate. Most threat actors are never identified or held responsible for their actions, and promotes criminal behaviour that continues with little or no consequence. To help break this cycle and get ahead of our adversaries, we need digital threat intelligence that is structured, leverages automated analysis and is shared. This observation provides the motivation for sponsoring a Ph.D. candidate and their research on Threat Ontologies for Cybersecurity Analytics (TOCSA).

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Oslo Analytics

Oslo Analytics develops advanced analytical methods based on big data analysis, subjective logic and Bayesian modelling to gain a deep situational awareness and understanding of security incidents.

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Headed by the Center for Cyber and Information Security (CCIS), Ars Forensica is a global research effort between the academia, the IT security industry and law enforcement focused on improving the investigation and prosecution of cybercrime. Among the partners are mnemonic, the United Nations, Europol, Norwegian National Criminal Investigation Services (Kripos), the Norwegian Police University College, and universities throughout the United States, Japan and the Netherlands.

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Research Partners