Premium Support

When incidents occur due to problems in security products, our experienced and certified team are available 24x7 to help you resolve any issues and get back to business.

Errors and unforeseen situations are bound to happen. What consequences they have depends on your response and handling. We are here to help.

Find your required support level

mnemonic Premium Support is a modular-based agreement that allows our customers to choose a level of service that best meets their requirements. Our assistance center is manned by certified consultants for all of our solutions. The center has defined escalation procedures internally and for the respective vendors to ensure correct use of resources, delegation of responsibility and rapid correction of reported errors.

Spare parts and fully equipped lab

As part of our Premium Support we have spare components in storage for most products, and a fully equipped lab to make sure corrections can be identified and implemented promptly. Our standing among our technology partners gives us the best response time with all vendors and ensures our customers are always prioritized.

To find your required level of support - let's have a chat.

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