Life Cycle Management

All security products need maintenance and care to perform at their best in ever-changing, complex environment. This takes time and competence - both available from mnemonic's experienced security consultants.

Our team helps you maintain and optimize your security products on a continuous basis - all to make sure you get the full value of the investments you have made.

Experience, knowledge and the right network

Our consultants know what problems can be solved and how to solve them. Their experience allows them to advise our customers on how to best approach choices and desicions that have to be made, and our partnership status with our technology partners gives us the opportunity to escalate to the suitable level in support and development teams whenever needed.

The right service for the right need

From our experience all organizations have different needs in terms of help and expertise. We have defined a set of services that are often asked for.

  • System Optimization Service (SOS)
  • Device monitoring
  • Health review
  • Configuration and backup
  • Periodic maintenance

We are always available for a chat about how we best can meet your needs.

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