Episode 17: OT's role in a CISO's world | OT miniseries

Episode 17: OT's role in a CISO's world | OT miniseries

The CISO role in Operational Technology (OT) means securing environments where digital and physical worlds meet, and where a service disruption in the digital space can have a direct and immediate impact on our physical world.

In this episode, Robby wants to know how a CISO handles the challenge of securing both IT and OT environments.To kick off our miniseries on OT, Robby welcomes Karsten Duus Wetteland, CISO at BKK. BKK is a leading organisation within renewable energy, working to replace fossil fuels by electrifying everything from fishfarms, cars and cruise ships, to the oil and gas industry's offshore power supplies.Karsten shares how they are finding new methods to identify risks when the risk spectrum spans from trees falling over power lines to hacked fish tanks. And how to avoid IT risks becoming OT risks.

Stay tuned for more OT specific episodes in the coming weeks.

Technical level: 1/5

Host: Robby Peralta

Producer: Paul Jæger