Combat modern cyber threats with Managed Detection and Response  | Dutch webinar

Organisations are faced with a complex and ever-evolving list of risks and threats, constantly demanding time, manpower and updated know-how. How can we approach this challenge in an efficient way, while at the same time making sure we continue to stay ahead of our adversaries?

When defending against tomorrow’s cyberthreats, you have to look beyond the capabilities of traditional Security Operation Centers (SOC). You need to be equipped with efficient and accurate monitoring, detection and response capabilities. 

Join us to learn about Managed Detection and Response services, how to navigate the complex market of managed security services, and discover if MDR services are right for your organisation.


Welcome and introduction to mnemonic MDR

The market for MDR services is fast growing. Among others, Gartner predicts that in the next four years, 50% of all organisations globally will be using MDR services.

In her presentation, Anne Karine will be going into some of the benefits of MDR, the most relevant use-cases for MDR services in the Dutch market, and how mnemonic can help.


Technical level: 2/5
Language: Dutch

A SOC is not just a SOC

These days, when setting up and implementing a modern SOC you are faced with a lot more options than you were previously. Finding the right SOC setup for your organisation can be challenging – it’s daunting even to know where to start.

Alexander is an independent senior security consultant with extensive experience helping Dutch business with exactly this. He will share hands-on advice and best practices from implementing SOC and MDR services in the Dutch market.  


Technical level: 2/5
Language: Dutch

The Argus MDR platform

Lex will present mnemonic’s proprietary Managed Detection and Response service, Argus. The presentation will show real customer use-cases, and how Argus can help protect your organisation.


Technical level: 3/5
Language: Dutch

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