mnemonic ranked as best workplace in Norway!

After seven years listed among the top ranked workplaces in Norway, mnemonic won first place tonight!

Great Place to Work organises the annual award ceremony for the best workplaces in Norway, where mnemonic won the category 50 to 199 employees.

This is the seventh consecutive year where mnemonic is named one of Norway's top ten workplaces by Great Place to Work, a global advisory institute that measures and analyses the culture in workplaces. The ranking is based on feedback Great Place to Work receives through extensive cultural analyses and anonymous employee surveys among over 200 Norwegian companies.

An eventful year

During the past year, mnemonic has hired more than 40 security experts, which has led to the company growing out of its office of over 12 years in Oslo. Furthermore, in 2018, mnemonic has changed and strengthened its ownership structure by opening up for all employees to be a part of the ownership of the company, and entering a partnership with Ferd. mnemonic also opened its first office outside the Nordics, at Canary Wharf in London.

“We have a lot to be proud of,” says Tønnes Ingebrigtsen, CEO of mnemonic. “When a company increases its number of employees by over 25%, enters new geographical locations or seeks change in structure, you will always expect certain growing pains. We were well-prepared for this, and we have worked actively to ensure that this does not weaken our historically good culture. Instead we have become even stronger! Therefore, we’re especially proud to win this year.”

When asked why he believes the company has climbed to first place this year, Ingebrigtsen highlights the work the company has done on the findings, both good and bad, from last year's survey.

“We have faith in the results from the Great Place to Work framework, and are actively working on the findings across departments and offices. This has proved particularly important to us, as it helps us to be competitive and attract the right people in an industry known for its resource and skills shortage,” says Ingebrigtsen. “We will definitely not sit and wait passively for next year's award either,” he concludes.


Do you want to work in mnemonic? We are always looking for talented people. You can look through our vacancies here.


About Great Place to Work

Great Place to Work is a global consulting and analysis company that builds, maintains and recognises high trust and performing work cultures. For more than 30 years, Great Place to Work has been consulting organisations in the private, public and voluntary/non-profit sectors. In Norway, Great Place to Work has assisted Norwegian organisations over the past 15 years. Globally, Great Place to Work collaborates annually with around 13,000 businesses and has accumulated data and best practices from over 100 million people worldwide.


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