Episode 49: Can threat intelligence be automated?

Episode 49: Can threat intelligence be automated?

If so, what can be automated, and what should still be left in the hands of humans analysts?

With us today, we have PhD. Martin Eian, Head of R&D in mnemonic. He sits down with Robby to speak about his team’s part in building a security platform to prevent cyber-threats together with nine other European organisations. The research project bringing these organisations together is called SOCCRATES, and is part of the European Union's Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation program (https://www.soccrates.eu/).

Martin describes how the research project aims to semi-automate threat intelligence in a platform for security operations centres (SOCs) and incident response teams, to help them better detect attacks and make the correct decisions on how to handle them.

He also shares some of his experience with how companies are actually working with threat intelligence today.

Technical level: 3/5

Host: Robby Peralta

Producer: Paul Jæger