Episode 46: Chat with a CFO

Episode 46: Chat with a CFO

Is the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) role inherently occupied with saving money, or is it clear for someone in that role that there's value in spending the extra dime on something like security? Or is the answer somwhere in between?

To help him find the answer to this, Robby welcomes Øyvind Sten Bjerkseth, the new CFO at mnemonic, both to the company and the podcast.

Prior to joining mnemonic, Øyvind served 5+ years in CFO roles and brings 15 years of experience from Management Consulting, Corporate Finance and Private Equity. He chats with Robby about how security people can get the attention of someone like a CFO, the importance of risk management, and how the CFO role has evolved beyond cost-savings.

Technical level: 1/5

Host: Robby Peralta

Producer: Paul Jæger