Episode 43: Honeypots

Episode 43: Honeypots

In this episode, you’ll learn about the digital canaries; honeypots.

Honeypots are passive monitoring systems that appear to be legitimate parts of an organisation’s core infrastructure, designed to alert you about someone trying to illegitimately enter your infrastructure, and help you get insight on the attacker’s tactics, techniques, and procedures.

Someone with a lot of experience using honeypots is IT & OT Industrial specialist Mikael Vingaard. Mikael has experience working with OT security in industrial control systems (ICS)/ SCADA environments from many of the major energy institutions in Denmark, like Energinet.dk, Danish Energy Agency and EnergiCERT, and now works to educate others about the benefits of honeypots and providing in-house honeypots to organisations.

Mikael is joining Robby from his test lab to speak about the benefits of using honeypots, the threat landscape for OT systems, as well as what kind of organisations can use honeypots and the maturity level required for doing so.


Producer: Paul Jæger