Episode 25: Security Validation

Episode 25: Security Validation

How can we prove cybersecurity effectiveness?

With USD 124 billion being spent worldwide on IT security last year alone, it's no wonder this is a question many would like the answer to. However, finding a quantitative metric to evaluate security investments, outside of positive effects like diminishing risks and reducing the amount of bad things happening, is not straight forward.
To help us navigate this question, Robby is joined by someone with a lot of experience making security investments effective. Brian Contos has a long list of merits after his more than two decades of experience working in the cybersecurity field. He has also written several security books and is an award-winning podcaster. Brian is now CISO & VP Technology Innovation in Mandiant Security Validation, also known as Verodin, a business platform for measuring and managing cybersecurity effectiveness.


Technical level: 1/5

Host: Robby Peralta
Producer: Paul Jæger