Device and Log Management

Delivering a world class advanced threat defense service requires full control of all layers. We take full responsibility of all devices needed to deliver the service.

We manage all minor and major upgrades, patching, any applicable vendor maintenance contracts, hardware health monitoring and other ongoing maintenance tasks for all hardware and software deployed as part of the service.

This includes infrastructure components as well as other systems that make up the service delivery and we notify you of any changes or incidents.

Upgrades, patching, and configuration changes to the infrastructure or service are expected during the normal operation of the Argus Managed Defence service. mnemonic follows best practices for auditing, evaluating change impact, and general change management procedures to minimize the impact on the service delivery. Major changes that may impact the service delivery are communicated before the changes takes place.

We also assist clients with collection and monitoring of logs, configuration of retention of data and safeguarding against evidence tampering. We also help find the right log sources to monitor - and advice clients on how they can make the most of the sources they choose.

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