Applied Threat Intelligence

The threat landscape is complex, dynamic and evolving. To defend against modern threats, it is vital to maintain accurate and up-to-date knowledge of your adversaries, their tools and their targets – a task that is costly and requires significant resources. The mnemonic Threat Intelligence Team tracks new threat developments as they unfold globally and ensures your business is prepared to defend against evolving threats.

Intelligence that is actionable

Threat intelligence has evolved into a big data problem. While there is an enormous amount of threat information available, this is simply raw data that requires significant analysis and refining before it becomes intelligence that can be used to support decision-making.

Our approach evaluates the integrity, relevance and timeliness of threat information to filter out the noise and provide you with the actionable intelligence you need to make quick and informed decisions when responding to cyberattacks. 

Prioritise your response

Not all threats are equal. When your organisation is under attack, every minute counts. The ability to quickly differentiate between commodity and advanced targeted attacks allows you to prioritise your response, optimize your resources and prevent damage against your business.

Who is the mnemonic Threat Intelligence team?
This elite team of ethical hackers, threat researchers and incident responders track our global network and actively research new threats as they unfold to ensure our customers are protected against evolving threats. The team is recognized internationally for the quality and precision in their work, with the threat intelligence they produce trusted by law enforcement and CSIRTs globally.

Move from reactive to proactive security

By understanding your adversaries and the threats your business is faced with today, you will be better equipped to defend against current attacks and plan for future threats.

mnemonic Threat Intelligence provides:

  • Global awareness of upcoming threats and recommendations on how to protect against them
  • 24x7 protection for all Argus Managed Defence customers
  • Threat feeds that integrate directly with firewalls, proxies and SIEM solutions
  • Intelligence reports based on threat actors, industries, regions and more
  • Access to threat intelligence experts
  • Malware analysis, incident response and forensic support

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