Managed Detection and Response

To meet today's security challenges, you have to look beyond the capabilities of traditional Security Operation Centers. A Managed Detection and Response service enables your business to combat modern cyberthreats.

Ikon Argus sensor

Argus Managed Defence

The majority of security breaches are still discovered far too long after they’ve occurred. With today’s globalised environments of mobile users, multi-sourcing contracts, cloud services and more, security threats can be triggered from the most unexpected sources. To meet these challenges, you have to look beyond the traditional managed security service provider.

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ikon Applied Threat Intel

Applied Threat Intelligence

The threat landscape is complex, dynamic and evolving. To defend against modern threats, it is vital to maintain accurate and up-to-date knowledge of your adversaries, their tools and their targets – a task that is costly and requires significant resources. The mnemonic Threat Intelligence Team tracks new threat developments as they unfold globally and ensures your business is prepared to defend against evolving threats.

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Ikon mnemonic incident response team

Incident Response

The mnemonic Incident Response Team (mIRT) helps organizations to investigate, respond and recover from security breaches. With years of experience handling all types of security incidents, our team also helps organizations in building their own response capabilities and establishing CSIRT frameworks.

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Logo Device and Log management

Device and Log Management

An alarming number of security breaches are the result of device misconfigurations and poor patch management practices. Combined with the task of managing a staggering amount of logs, IT security teams are being stretched thin. mnemonic’s team of experts can help you ease the burden, stay compliant and get the most out of your investments – 24x7.

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Argus ICS Defender

Advanced threat defence for Industrial Control Systems

The consequences of a successful cyberattack on Industrial Control Systems (ICS) are severe, disruptive, and potentially life threatening. In a world where downtime is simply not an option, protecting these mission-critical systems against modern threats requires an equally Advanced Threat Defence strategy.

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Security operations

Security Operations

Let the trusted expert team operate your core security systems

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Argus Continuous Vulnerability Monitoring

Gain visibility into your exposures and secure your digital assets

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