The changing world of application security

How should you approach the most common security challenges when migrating applications to the cloud?

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Applications come in all shapes and forms, and reside everywhere. While traditional applications may still be deployed on-premise, the majority of modern applications have moved to the cloud – either public or private.

From a SecOp point of view, there are underlying fundamentals that remain unchanged when migrating to the cloud. However, there are also completely new principles that must be considered to secure modern applications.

Join us to learn about some of the challenges in protecting modern applications, and solutions that may help you to ensure your journey to the cloud is a secure one.

Do you want more information about how to secure your applications in the cloud? Download our new white paper “Accelerate and secure cloud application migrations” here.



Threat Intelligence update

Update from our Threat Intelligence team about the most recent developments in the threat landscape. During this presentation, Marie will discuss what changes and developments we have observed from our Security Operation Centre (SOC) the last few months, and how to best prepare for them.

Technical level: 2/5
Language: English

About Marie
Marie Moe is a Senior Security Consultant in mnemonic's Threat Intelligence team, and has a PhD in Information Security. She has experience as a team leader at NorCERT, where she lead their incident handling of cyberattacks against Norway’s critical infrastructure. She is also an Associate Professor at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, where she teaches the course “Incident Response, Ethical Hacking and Forensics”.

Rethinking application security

During this session, Matthieu will discuss new ways of approaching cloud application security challenges, and what security mechanisms can be the right fit for your organisation’s application security requirements.

The session will also provide a better understanding of Web Application Firewalls (WAF) and why they are important to support your new cloud initiatives, as well as how to reduce friction with DevOps and accelerate releases in a secure way.

Technical level: 2/5
Language: English

About Matthieu
Matthieu is based in Paris and has been working with F5 for 8 years. He is CISSP certified and covers the EMEA region in his role as a Solution Architect. He has a wide portfolio of skills, covering areas like application delivery and security, network security, API Management and Security, and SecDevOps.