How secure is everyone else's email?

Email remains the number one attack vector. How well are organisations doing at defending against these threats, and what steps can you take to protect your users and organisation?

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Email continues to be the most effective attack vector, and for a simple reason – it works. However, there are simple and effective security mechanisms you can use to help protect your users and organisation.

But just how many organisations are taking advantage of these mechanisms? We looked at the 500 largest companies in Norway to answer just that.

Join us to gain insight on the state of email security, available security mechanisms, and solutions to help protect your organisation.

We’re also joined by Proofpoint to help navigate the security mechanisms available for Office 365 and how you can best protect your O365 environment.


Welcome and introduction

How secure is everyone else’s email?

You may know what your organisation is doing to protect email, but what about the rest of the country? Ole Kristian and Adrian assessed the email security of the top 500 largest companies in Norway to find out.

Sharing their observations and key learnings from that audit, they will also provide an introduction to email authentication mechanisms like SPF, DKIM, and DMARC, and some easy to follow recommendations and general priorities regarding email security.

About the speakers
Ole Kristian holds years of experience helping large organisations secure their email environment, and Adrian has experience from a variety of relevant incident response cases and from developing custom security solutions.

Technical level: 2/5
Language: English

Is Microsoft Office 365 the attackers' new playground?

Even with the highest tier that Microsoft offers, the Office 365 E5 license, there are critical security gaps that needs to be addressed in order for organisations to operate securely.

In his presentation, Andrew will go through how organisations can secure their Office 365 environments, as well as how changes to the threat landscape, ransomware, and hidden costs might affect the many benefits of using O365.

About the speaker
Andy Davies has been in the cybersecurity field for 18 years with various roles including Business Application Leadership, Technical Account Management, Global Solutions Architect and SE positions. He is specialised in Microsoft, and has broad experience with email security and authentication.

Technical level: 3/5
Language: English