Securing third-party dependencies in development

Join us in our webinar series where mnemonic’s security experts present some of the major findings from our Security Report 2021.

More often than not, development in large projects means using third-party libraries. According to industry estimates, this applies to as much as 85% of the code in a typical application.

The complexity of modern projects requires developers to use libraries that are convenient and prevent them from having to reinventing the wheel. However, there are some considerations from a security point of view that need to be taken into account.

In his recently published Security Report article Securing third-party dependencies in development, Andreas Claesson explores this topic and presents several suggestions for actions and tools that can help navigate these security challenges.


Security Report webinar series

Join us in our 6-part webinar series where mnemonic’s security experts present some of the major findings from our recently published Security Report 2021. The topics include a broad set of current security challenges; from building an Enterprise Security Architecture, to unsanctioned remote and third-party access and security threats in modern cloud applications.


In this webinar, Andreas will present the major security challenges and pitfalls concerning use of third-party libraries in development, and give hands on recommendations for how to best avoid them.

Language: English

Technical level: 2/5

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