Shining a light on unsanctioned remote and third-party access practices

Join us in our webinar series where mnemonic’s security experts present some of the major findings from our Security Report 2021.

How can we secure access to our systems and ensure compliance when our most critical machines and software are opened to external sub-contractors?

Finding a secure way to provide third-party access for organisations with a control system environment is not a new challenge, and there have been many attempts at solving this in the past.

In their recently published Security Report article Gatekeeping, Adrian Helle and Konrad Halnum explore this topic, and presents a modern, security-focused and user centric approach to providing remote access to third-party vendors that may be suitable for many organisations.


Join us for our webinar Tuesday the 20th of April at 09:00-09:40 CET.

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Security Report webinar series

Join us in our 6-part webinar series where mnemonic’s security experts present some of the major findings from our recently published Security Report 2021. The topics include a broad set of current security challenges; from building an Enterprise Security Architecture, to reducing the risk of insider threats and security threats in modern cloud applications.


In this webinar, Adrian and Konrad will explore the most common pitfalls in traditional approaches providing third-party access, and discuss how to find the correct balance between security and convenience when providing third-party vendors access to your most critical systems.

They will also go into detail about how their approach to solving this challenge works, and how it can be leveraged by other organisations.


Language: English

Technical level: 3/5

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