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Email security: Addressing the missing link

Email remains the most widespread security threat. Constantly evolving and becoming ever more sophisticated; how can you manage email security risks and threats?

More than 90% of security threats start with email, and 100% of these threats target people. Accordingly, technology alone may not be the solution to combat email security threats. During this breakfast seminar, we will focus on how you also can involve your users in a positive and inspiring way.

Proofpoint’s presentation will cover the importance of trust and its impact on people and security. Furthermore, Secure Practice will discuss how people rather than being considered as the weakest link of information security, can become great assets in defending against email threats.

To wrap it all up, mnemonic will present how integrating technologies like Threat Response from Proofpoint and MailRisk from Secure Practice with mnemonic’s Argus Managed Defence can make the process of assessing suspicious emails more effective.




Trust: the ageless exploit

Proofpoint will lead delegates in a timeless discussion covering the importance of trust and its impact on people and security. We will investigate how trust is used as a founding principle of security, but also how trust can be abused and exploited as a vulnerability.

In this interactive session, you will discover the new anatomy of a hack where people are the vulnerability being exploited and what you can do to reduce that risk.

Language: English
Technical level: 2/5


The missing link of email security

People are often referred to as the weakest link of information security, considering how they are always the ones clicking the wrong links and opening malicious attachments.

But instead of blaming our users, we should realise that there is rather a missing link in the context of security and people. And that missing link has for a long time been how ordinary people could hardly be expected to obtain a second opinion on whether an email is safe or not.

During this presentation, you will learn how users could in fact become one of your greatest assets in defending your company’s network, taking advantage of data from their suspicions for early detection and effective response.

Language: Norwegian
Technical level: 2/5


Automating assessment – Connecting MailRisk with Argus Managed Defence

By connecting different technologies like MailRisk, Threat Response from Proofpoint and Argus Managed Defence we can make the process of assessing suspicious emails more effective. This approach will leave only a fraction of the work to a dedicated SOC team as the interconnected technologies behind makes the assessment and response to user almost immediate. In addition, we are able to remove malicious emails automatically from the users’ mailbox.

Audun will tell how he worked with this project during the summer and future plans for implementation.

Language: Norwegian
Technical level: 3/5