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Uncovering the Hidden Truths in IT Security

Are security incidents just coincidences and bad luck, or is there more to the story?

The Norwegian Business and Industry Security Council (Næringslivets Sikkerhetsråd) recently released the Norwegian Cyber Crime and Data Breach Survey (Mørketallsundersøkelsen) for the 11th time in Norway. The report is the result of surveying 1500 Norwegian businesses on IT security topics.

Amongst the findings are that many organisations report bad luck and coincidences are a major reason for their security incidents. Is there any truth to this? Are there any discrepancies between what businesses think is happening, what they report is happening, and what our Security Operations Center observes is happening?

Join Næringslivets Sikkerhetsråd and mnemonic as we explore this and other findings in the report, and discuss how businesses should be facing their IT security future.

You can read more about the Mørketallsundersøkelse here.


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Working with Mørketallsundersøkelsen

Tønnes Ingebrigtsen, CEO of mnemonic, is the Chairman of the Information Security Commission that conducts, revises and analyzes the findings in Mørketallsundersøkelsen. He will give an introduction to the work and considerations behind this years Mørketallsundersøkelse.

Norwegian Computer Crime and Data Breaches: Key Findings

Arne Røed Simonsen, Senior Advisor in Næringslivets Sikkerhetsråd (NSR) and Comission Secretary of the Information Security Commission, will explain some of the main findings from this years report in-depth. And share with us some of NSR considerations about the state of IT security in Norwegian businesses today, and what lies ahead.


The State of the World (the view from our SOC)

Mørketallsundersøkelsen gives us insight into what 1500 Norwegian business leaders report that their organisations are experiencing.

Per Morten will in his presentation show the trends mnemonic's Threat Intelligence team are seeing among our customers, and how this aligns with the findings in NSR’s Mørketallsundersøkelsen. 

Closing statements and announcement of competition winner

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