Experience Sharing Forum: Network Security

Join us for an evening of peer-to-peer discussion and dinner at La Cave Bouquet, Stockholm

In an effort to bring the security community in Stockholm together to share experiences, learn and network, we’ve invited a selected few CISOs, Security Managers and IT Security Experts to our first Swedish experience sharing forum.

This evening we’re joined by Corelight and the Swedish CyberCrime Center (SC3) for a discussion on the role of network security in detection of threats in modern infrastructure.

In the spirit of experience sharing, each speaker will do a short presentation of their topis, which will be followed up by a group discussion.

Look forward to spending the evening with you.



La Cave Bouquet will serve welcome drinks and explain today’s menu

Cybercrime – a shared responsibility

Jan Olsson has more than 30 years of experience from the police, 14 of which he’s worked as a fraud and IT related crimes expert. He was one of the founders of the Swedish “Nationellt Bedrägericentrum” and works actively in international law enforcement partnerships through Europol and Interpol.

During his presentation, Jan will go into the actual cost of cybercrime for Swedish society, and the consequences on a European level of the lack of appropriate cyber hygiene. He’ll also give a unique perspective into what the police are observing from their side of things, what threats they worry about and how they meet these challenges.

Technical level: 1/5
Language: Swedish

Network Security in a modern threat landscape

Tommy started his professional career in the Norwegian Defence, where he was part of team building and executing their internal detection and response capabilities. For the last 10 years, Tommy has worked with mnemonic as a CISO for hire, incident handler, analyst and architect.

In this talk, Tommy will explore how network security continues to play an important role in detecting threats in modern infrastructures. He will discuss different techniques and technologies, before sharing some insights from mnemonic on using network security technology to detect threats through our SOC.

Technical level: 2/5
Language: English 

NDR, a vital piece of the SOC triad puzzle

During Damien’s presentation, he will share from his more than 25 years of experience in the industry from a range of different technical roles. He’ll talk about some of his good (and bad) experiences with threat hunting and Network Detection & Response, and discuss why he is committed to SOC Analysts’ always owning and having immediate access to their organisations network data.

Technical level: 3/5
Language: English


This event is invitation only.

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