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Too Much Information

How Digital Shadows found 1.5bn files in misconfigured online storage areas

mnemonic and Digital Shadows cordially invite you to the breakfast seminar Too Much Information at the British Embassy in Oslo.

While we often worry about adversaries conducting intrusions and silently exfiltrating our data, the reality is that this data is often already publicly-available via misconfigured cloud storage, file exchange protocols, NAS drives and file sharing services.

Dr Richard Gold and his team at Digital Shadows indexed over 12 Petabytes or 1.5Bn exposed files using our file exposure discovery capability this year – an alarming number that includes huge amounts of customer and patient data, intellectual property and security assessment data such as network diagrams.


In this talk we will cover:

  • The top affected geographies for data exposure across unauthenticated network services – including a focus on Norway and the Nordic region
  • Some of our most eye-catching findings, including: mission reports, critical national infrastructure project details, live point of sale data, company payroll information, full network diagrams of internal systems, vulnerability assessment reports, and many more
  • Top tips on how to best mitigate the risks associated with this type of exposure

This exclusive breakfast seminar, in partnership with Digital Shadows, is designed for executives, senior information and cyber security professionals.

The Digital Shadows team will also demonstrate the Searchlight digital risk monitoring service, discuss the threats they see most often and offer you the chance to try the service for yourselves.

We look forward to seeing you on the 18th October.