The ghosts of cybersecurity past, present and future

Cybersecurity in retrospect – and what to expect going forward

Unfortunately, cancelled due to recent developments and new official guidelines in the Oslo region.


After a near two year hiatus, we’re excited to invite you back to the mnemonic breakfast seminar!

In this Christmas themed event, we’re inspired by the story of Scrooge and will explore the ghosts of cybersecurity past, present and future. We’ll reflect on our observations on how the world of cybersecurity is changing, share some of the real-world issues our customers are facing, and how we’re preparing to solve tomorrow’s cybersecurity challenges.

Join us for breakfast, network with new and familiar faces in the security community, and gain insight into the ghosts of cybersecurity.

We look forward to seeing you all again.


To ensure a safe event and allow for adequate distancing for all attendees, we are limiting the capacity. Registration is on a first-come first-served basis, and we will operate with a wait-list once capacity is reached.


Registration and breakfast

Welcome back and introduction

mnemonic in 2022 and beyond

The cybersecurity industry moves fast. Much like calculating the age of a dog, two years in cybersecurity is equivalent to decades in the real world. During the presentation, Erik Alexander and Andrew will share highlights on what we’ve been up to for the past two years, the challenges we’re focusing on solving, how we’re evolving our services to meet these challenges, and a sneak peek for our R&D and roadmap for 2022 and beyond.

Technical level: 1/5
Language: Norwegian and English


Threat Intel Update

We will take a look at the year that has passed, the significance of these developments, and what it means for the future.

Technical level: 2/5
Language: Norwegian

Tales from the red team

Our offensive security team has a rule when conducting assessments: you can only break for lunch once you’ve gained domain admin credentials. Sometimes this means they go hungry, and other times they are breaking for lunch before they’ve finished their morning coffee.

But getting to this point starts with choosing the right type of security test, which is not always clear.

During this presentation we’ll demystify the world of security testing, provide guidance on what to expect from red teaming and other testing exercises, and share real-world tales from our red team.

Technical level: 3/5
Language: Norwegian


Network security in cloud environments: Azure

As we’re moving to the cloud, do we have to drop everything we once knew about network security? Is Hub-and-spoke architecture still a thing?

During his presentation, Kristoffer will discuss cloud native versus third party network controls, and go into the challenges with troubleshooting in hybrid environments.

Technical level: 3/5
Language: Norwegian


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